Buy back Policy


1 Amfyn is working on this buyback effort to protect the environment for future generations. The correct recycling of every non-perishable commodity, in our opinion, is the essence of the corporate social responsibility of any e-commerce company.


2 Amfyn has pledged to buy back any reusable items sold through its platform any time after five years of use.


3 Credit points will be applied to customers' Amfyn wallets based on the condition, value, recycling potential, and wear and tear of the item to be recycled.


4 Amfyn reserves the right to determine the worth of any materials that customers submit for recycling.


5 If the materials being returned for recycling do not meet the standards or contain something that is prohibited, amfyn has the right to refuse them.


6 It is the customer's responsibility to return the recyclables to the collecting location.


7 Any disputes arising out of this scheme shall be resolved in the competent court in the Bangalore district only.